About Me

Thanks for visiting my site.  My name is Mike Bosch and I’m currently the Senior Vice President of Technology at Scientific Learning.  I’ve been with the company for over four years now where I started out as the lead platform engineer/director of engineering and then moved on to head the overall technology efforts within the company including IT/Operations, Business Systems and Product Development.  I’m condensing a lot of what has happened within the last four years but advancing the technology platform here has been a very rewarding journey.

As for the type of software I write it’s mostly server side software and in Java. I’ve got experience on the entire stack from low level infrastructure up to the web layer with HTML, Javascript etc.  I used to stay on the lower end of things but have recently been moving upward in the stack to find new challenges in user experience side of the stack. You can check out my LinkedIn profile if you want more details on my past work experience.

From a personal standpoint, I’m married to a wonderful woman, Myleene, and we have a beautiful daughter, Allie, along with the recent addition (okay, it’s been a year now!) of twin boys, Evan and Carter. Allie is now 10 years old and extremely athletic and fearless. I just wish I knew where she got it from. The twins are now four and its hard to know where the time has gone.  We live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Photos of us can be found @ Flickr.