Code Resources

This is just going to be a collection of resources that I tend to have to lookup a lot when I’m starting something new or just want to verify something.

Browser Development Tools

These are tools that help with dealing with the browser for web development on the client. Those of us that deal with CSS and JavaScript on a regular basis know how important it is to find good tools for this kind of work. It’s really a shame that these tools can’t work across browsers. I only wish for the day when IE 6.x use goes low enough that I can stop supporting it.

  1. Firebug – Pretty much the most used tool in my toolbox. With Firebug you can inspect the overall DOM, see how CSS is applied, debug JavaScript, watch network traffic, etc. It’s hard to imagine doing web development without it now.
  2. Web Developer Toolbar – I don’t use this as much as Firebug but it can come in pretty handy as well. This was the original tool for helping with layout and other issues in the browser.
  3. Tamper Data – This is a new tool in my tool chest but it is pretty cool. You can watch network requests go by and see all information that makes up the request. You can even modify headers and POST parameters. Nice.


Download the file: [Download]

While this isn’t really a coding resource it is a file that can be used to tweak your FireFox toolbar so that it removes icons that really aren’t necessary. I found this on a post at lifehacker and just wanted to link it here so when I’m setting up a new laptop it’s easy to take care of these settings.

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