Jury Duty

In September and October of 2006 I served as an alternate juror in a double murder case in California. This is a collection of my notes/journal from that case including jury duty.

The case was the People vs. Dominique Alexander Wright with two counts of murder and one count of robbery. Each of the murder counts carried enhancements for firearm usage and robbery. The robbery charge carried a firearm enhancement also. The public defender in this case is Daniel Cook. The prosecutor was the deputy district attorney John Cope. The judge was Richard E. Arnason. The case was heard in section 28.

If you are a member of the jury then you can access a special page here. To get the password for the page just e-mail me at mike.bosch@gmail.com with your name and seat # (so I know it’s you).

Jury Selection Process

  • Day One – First day of jury selection
  • Day Two – Second day of jury selection
  • Day Three – Third day of jury selection
  • Day Four – Fourth day of jury selection

The Trial

The Verdict

Links About the Case

  • Conviction News – This is a link from the Contra Costa Times about the conviction. Two of the jurors are quoted.
  • News about the Case – This is a link from the Contra Costa Times about the case.
  • Accomplice Conviction – This is a SF Gate article about Leron Morris’s conviction.
  • America’s Most Wanted – Episode information about America’s Most Wanted that profiled Dominique Wright.

16 thoughts on “Jury Duty

  1. JP was a school mate and good friend of mine growing up. He had a hard time staying out of trouble and made a lot of mistakes in life which ultimately lead to his life ending at a very young age. I had heard stories about what happened but never fully understood what the events were that lead up to his death. I ready your entire notes/story and just wanted to say thank you for posting this. This brought closer and answered a lot of questions that I had walked around with for years. I’m not sure if you knew at the time you were putting this together that it would be used to help someone that knew JP very well, come to terms with a tragic event so long after the fact, but I’m thankful you did. Take care, and thanks again.

  2. Please keep this site and blog up… JP was my best friend and I come back to this often as a reminder.

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