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Some Dancing and Some Trapping

The Evolution of Dance – I guess I don’t really go to YouTube very often but this was the most viewed video on YouTube at one point. Here’s the guy’s site as well. It’s worth the 6 minutes, it really is. And who here has done at least some of those dance moves before? Come on, fess up.

Trappers – This is one of my all time favorite Kids in the Hall sketches. “Let him go, he has spirit. Someday he might make vice-president”.

A Few Good Video Clips

I thought I’d start a video category and post links to fun videos I come across.

One of my all time favorites is an SNL video featuring Christopher Walken. Has there ever been a better character actor? Pulp Fiction, The Rundown, etc. Anyways, here’s the video – Blue Oyster Cult – I gotta have more cowbell!

Ever wonder where lifeguards go to the bathroom? Jamie Kennedy shows you here.

And if you haven’t seen Stephen Colbert’s roasting of President Bush, then you really need to watch this. Can you believe he did this with Bush sitting right next to him. His are made of steel I tell you.