Bookmark Synchronization on Firefox Part Deux (With Google)

Thanks Google! (Sarcasm alert, sorta)

Wouldn’t you know it, after I spend time getting Foxmarks working on my own server and then documenting it, a friend sends me an e-mail this morning alerting me to the fact that Google Labs just released Bookmark Sync that will store bookmarks, tabs, cookies, history, etc. in my Google account. I installed it this morning and it’s pretty sweet. I opened a bunch of sites, then closed Firefox and opened it up on another browser and it restored everything from my other browser. It’s actually pretty cool.

The downside…startup time is really slowed down a lot. It syncs everything at startup and even on a relatively fast connection (our 100 Mbps pipe won’t be active until next week) it took 20+ seconds.

Google encrypts passwords and cookies so with a pin you designate that is separate from your password so that’s cool. So far it seems to work pretty easily. I’ll try it out and see how I like it compared to Foxmarks.

At least I have a couple of options now for synchronizing bookmarks between computers.

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