Why Spare the Air Days Suck

It means it’s usually really hot. I can deal with that, though. The reason it really sucks is that BART is free on those days (like today!). And when BART is free you get lots of homeless people that ride it for the air conditioning. I got on a train this morning and the car I was in had at least 4 homeless people asleep/passed out in that end of the car. Luckily the next car only had one in the first half so I sat there but the smell was still pretty overwhelming. BART probably hopes that the extra people that try to take advantage of the program will start using the system more often but I can tell you with pretty much certainty that it’s not going to help matters. They need to find a way to boot non-destinational riders for riding the system and enforce them not taking up 2-4 seats while they sleep, even if the cars aren’t full.

2 thoughts on “Why Spare the Air Days Suck

  1. Perhaps we could try Purina’s latest offering: Soylent Green? Kidding. Until BART finally starts enforcing the rules you could bring two sets of earplugs: one for your ears and one for your nostrils. Have you seen that one guy lately, the one who migrates between cars, finds a pretty girl, says “pretty lady”, plops down at her feet, draws her some childish picture with his name on it, presents it to her, tries to chat her up, then eventually moves on to the next victim? Is he still around? Enjoy the “fun”!

  2. My favorite is the lady in the motorized wheelchair that rides the yellow line and supposedly has MS or MD and needs $25-50 for a doctor’s visit co-pay.

    Then there is the developmentally challenged guy that someone has trained to ride from Lafayette to Rockridge and talks non-stop before asking for a dollar or two when he gets off.

    Let’s also not forget the person that talks to themselves and curses at themselves non-stop until they get off the train.

    Those are the most visible personalities that I encounter at least.

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