Nintendo Days Are Here Again

It’s funny how excited everyone was over the superior graphics of the original Nintendo at the time it came out. I remember working as a page at the state capital (and no, none of the representatives made a pass at me..but we also didn’t have e-mail and instant messenger back then) so I could afford to be an NES and a TV to go with it. My dad wouldn’t let me buy a TV, though, so I had to use it on the main TV in the living room. A 2nd TV would have been a huge luxury back in those days.

My favorite games, or at least that I remember, were Contra, Castlevania, Mega Man, and probably Zelda. Remember the gold cartridge? What were your favorite games? If you Zelda, did you have the gold cartridge?

If you want to play some of the original games in your browser just check out this site.

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