Jury Duty: Day 9

October 3, 2006 – Fifth day of the trial

This is the ninth entry in a series of entries on my role in the jury in a double murder case in the county of Contra Costa, California. You can see a more detailed view of the case including links to these posts and other items at this page.

8:30 am – We’re all here but of course we haven’t started yet.

9:00 am – We get started and the judge tells us that the prosecution and defense have rested. We’re told the defense attorney and prosecutor will be in hearings with the judge all day to work out the details of the instructions we are to receive. Because of that we’re told to report back at 9:00 am tomorrow to start receiving our instructions. Apparently it will take a long time. We all head out the door. I’m going to work since I need to interact with people more than I’m able to working at home.


Wow! We’re done with testimony already. This trial was supposed to last 3 weeks and we’re done with testimony in only four days. This is kinda hard to believe but we will be in jury deliberations before the end of the week it looks like. Two things that kinda suck, though. One, we had to come in and sit around for 30 minutes and then get released for the day. I know most people took the day off but that doesn’t work for me. I’m heading back into the city to get to work now. The second thing is that because I’m still an alternate I don’t get to vote. It hasn’t been made clear one way or the other as to whether I can even participate or how much during deliberations. Hopefully I don’t have to sit in a corner and not say anything.

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