Embarking On A New Adventure

On Monday I’m going to be starting at a new gig. The company is called TeeBeeDee. I just noticed they have a special invite-only signup right now. Before that it was just their logo. I can’t go into any real details right now but they’re really early stage and I like the energy I sensed when I interviewed there a few weeks back. Stack wise it’s a Java open source stack for the most part so it’s right up my alley as far as technical tools go.

Why did I leave NorthStar? I went to NorthStar about 19 months or so ago and it’s been pretty good. I’m not leaving because of the people or anything but rather I just kept feeling the pull to go back to a really early stage company. I like being there in the beginning and building the platform out. It’s why I came out to the Bay Area in first place. Now that Myleene’s job provides all the benefits I have the ability to take on more risk and hopefully the reward that can come with it.

Hopefully my new Thinkpad has been delivered by the time I start on Monday. I had the choice of laptops and went with the Thinkpad. I thought about getting PowerBook but both of the other guys have them and it’d probably help to have a Windows machine to help with platform testing. More than that, though, I’ll be much more productive in the short and medium term on Windows. The PowerBook was very compelling and I almost pulled the trigger on it. A Unix based OS with a really nice windowing system on top and then there is the 1″ thick machine itself with all the toys. What’s not to like?

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