First Impressions: The Wii

I picked up a Ninentdo Wii this morning. I had to get up at 6:40am to make it to Wal-Mart by 7:00am to get it. They’ve been amazingly hard to come by lately. I normally don’t set foot in a Wal-Mart but last week I couldn’t make it to the Wii Lovefest at Best Buy, Circuit City or Target due to some family commitments. I was out of Wally world by about 7:35am and headed over to Target to see if they had any wiimotes. No on that adventure.

First things first, Nintendo, why oh why didn’t you make more Wiimotes? I mean, Wal-Mart gets 35 Wiis and they have TWO wiimotes. Two!! How can I play head to head against friends when I only have one controller? Bad bad.

Second, why oh why (sensing a trend?) didn’t you make more component video cables available? Most people that play video games these days and that are early adopters have TVs with component inputs and would love the 480p.

Okay, bitching aside…let’s get to the play! I picked up Zelda and a few other games. I haven’t opened them yet since I didn’t have time to check reviews and don’t want to open them until I’ve made sure they aren’t crappy release games. I’ll probably keep Zelda and I hear that Excite Truck is fun. I got Cars mainly because Allie loves that movie and it’ll be fun to have her cheer on Lightning McQueen or Mater.

Kudos for built in 802.11g support Nintendo! I don’t have to make my network vulnerable to every script kiddie on the block, however, I did have to put my network into mixed mode which I wasn’t quite as happy about. It connected, pulled down the system update and away I went.

I popped in Wii Sports and pulled up the game. Graphics? Not so great but it’s a free title and meant to show off the controllers so I forgive them there. Gameplay? Fun. Seriously fun to be able to move around and use your hands to box and bob and weave from the opponent. You really can work up a sweat in this game. The bowling was probably the most fun of them. The boxing was probably 2nd with golf a close 3rd. Baseball and tennis were just okay. In baseball it didn’t make it obvious that you could throw screwballs and splitters and curves if you held down different buttons. It didn’t also seem like I could control pitch or batspeed by slowing or speeding up my swing/throw. The tennis was just ho-hum. I still need to explore it a bit more and maybe do the training to see if they show any other hints.

Overall, though, you can definitely see what game makers are going to be able to do with the platform when they get going on it. With the Wii selling so well I think we’ll start to see more titles built with motion sensing in mind and really make the console shine.

The only other knock is that it’s not in high definition but if the games are more fun then that’s what really counts. And I can get an XBox 360 for my HD appetite if I decide to.

Now for the disclaimer. I didn’t read the manual yet so all of this might be in there.

Coming up next: Unboxing photos of the Wii! I couldn’t wait to put up the unboxing photos before I took some time to actually play the thing!

Games I’ll probably get: Madden and SSX (when it comes out).

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