Holy Comment Spam, Batman!

It’s insane how bad comment spam has gotten on blogs.  My blog is not high traffic by any stretch of the imagination.  I get anywhere from 10-20 uniques a day.  Sometimes it will spike if I post something interesting but lately I’ve been pretty quiet.  Even being quiet I am getting almost 100 spam attempts per day.  I can only imagine what popular sites go through.

I recently added an additional tool called Bad Behavior that blocks the spam before the attempt is made.  In its first 24 hours it has already blocked 48 attempts and Akismet caught another 40 or so that made it through Bad Behavior’s first screen.

I also plugged in the dofollow plugin since I’ve read how the rel=”nofollow” attribute can actually cause more spam to come at your blog rather than less.  I figure it can’t hurt.

I wonder how much spam attempts bog down some of the larger blog sites.  It really has to be nuts.   My current employer will most likely face a spam onslaught at some point when we start to ramp up traffic.  I’m not looking forward to that.

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