Fantasy Football 2007 – My Initial Roster

The fantasy league I play in had my draft yesterday. We do a live open bid draft process. It takes about 4-5 hours normally to do a 16 player per team draft. This year’s league consisted of 10 teams. Here’s my current roster:

QB Jeff Garcia

QB Jake Dehlomme

QB Rex Grossman

RB Larry Johnson

RB Reggie Bush

RB Willis McGahee

RB Warrick Dunn

WR Javon Walker

WR Donald Driver

WR Jerricho Cotchery

WR Chris Chambers

TE Vernon Davis

TE Alge Crumpler

PK Matt Stover

DEF Philadelphia

DEF Green Bay

How do I think I did? I have mixed feelings. I definitely have some stud running backs. We start two RBs and three WRs in this league. I only made one real big mistake and that was overlooking the bye weeks of my RBs. Two of my top three backs have the same bye week. I definitely have two pretty consistent WRs that I’ll play most of the time (Walker and Driver) and then we’ll see how the other two do to determine who to start. What about QB? I have mixed feelings about this one. None are great but they are servicable and one will hopefully emerge to have a good season. Dehlomme is on the hot seat and he has Steve Smith, Garcia is scrappy and finds a way to win usually, and Grossman…well, he was hot and then extremely cold last year. I have a habit of picking QBs off the scrap heap (last year I got Brees for the minimum $1 bid) so I’m hoping I continue that trend here. Plus, once you get past the top couple of QBs that people paid through the nose for there is a huge bunching from a point standpoint so the premium was not as warranted as it is in RBs. I feel pretty good about my TEs. I have two top 10 TEs so I’m better off than others in my league. For Defenses I think I also have two top 10 defenses. Philadelphia is always a disruptive defense and Green Bay’s defense is definitely underrated. Yes, I’m a Packer fan but that defense saved their butts last year at the end of the season. Two top corners, 2 very good LBs, at least one good safety and a very underrated front 4.

What I learned this year, though, is to maybe not blow so much cash on Larry Johnson and pick up a couple top 20 backers for about the same price to give me more depth. I am most worried about depth at this point. I usually do well also in watching the waiver wire where others don’t seem to watch it as much so we’ll see how that progesses with the season.

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