A New Gig

I recently took a new job at kink.com (warning: not safe for work) to manage the software development team.  I had managed a software development group in the past but for the last few years I was really more into just building software and staying heads down.  If there’s any constant in the software field, though, it’s that things always change.  The change for me was that I wanted to get back into leading a software group and working more with other groups inside a company.  Just building the software wasn’t enough for me anymore.  I’ll probably write about this more at another time but I’ll just leave it there for now.

One interesting aspect about working at a company like this is that the place has an amazingly positive vibe to it.  People just don’t go and work at companies in this industry unless they want to be here so I think that is one of the things that really contributes to it.

We’re also hiring so send me a resume if you can work in San Francisco, know Java well, work with and like Hibernate (we run it as our EJB3 entity provider) and have some usable XHTML/CSS/JavaScript skills you might be a good fit.  You have to take the quality of your work as a matter of personal pride to do well in this group, also.  We tend to mostly run on Macs and you’ll usually have a 30″ monitor to work on.  I can also pretty much guarantee that we have one of the most unique work environments you’ll ever experience.

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