A Dumb Careers Page

I saw a posting on Valleywag today about Bright Idea, an “innovation management” company. I honestly have no idea what that means but I went to their site to check it out and clicked on the careers page to see what they use to build their platform since your engineering jobs – and yes, everyone is hiring engineers – will list what stack you are using so you don’t get a crapload of unfit resumes.

Here’s the page:


So what’s wrong you ask? Click on any of the jobs postings. Go ahead. That’s right, they are mailto: links. There are no details about any of the jobs, what the duties are, what the requirements are, etc. On their end they either get a lot of useless resumes and/or get crappy resumes because the good folks aren’t going to submit their resume to a job posting that has NO details. On the applicant’s end they might need to go through a useless phone screen or interview to find out the job’s responsibilities don’t line up with their expectation to the job posting’s title.

Or are they just too lazy to come up with job descriptions?

1 thought on “A Dumb Careers Page

  1. Just an aside here – my company, Imaginatik, does not really compete with them anymore (long story). These job postings have been there for, what, about a year now I think. It is nice being a private company – you can come up with your own view of reality. I went down the unusual route of doing a straight IPO. No chance to hide things when you are public.

    Good luck, Brightideas.com – hope you have enough office space for all the new hires.


    Mark Turrell
    CEO, Imaginatik plc

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