Still on Evernote

A few months back, after I started at Scientific Learning, I wrote about note taking software.  I tried using Evernote and am happy to say I’m still using it.  I ended up upgrading to the premium plan and am still pretty happy with its functionality.

My big wish list now would be:

  1. Templates templates templates!  I’d love to be able to build templates for things like one-on-one meeting notes, team meeting notes, daily notes, and technical research notes.  It’d keep me from forgetting things for different types of note taking sessions.
  2. Better formatting.  I noted this when I first evaluated it and it’s still true.
  3. Better export into the clipboard when I copy content.  Right now I generally just export to PDF and then e-mail that if I want to keep my formatting in-tact.  Pasting into an e-mail (on Mac) just looks bad, especially if I have lists in my document.

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