Laura, I’m putting this thing in reverse

Imagine George Bush saying this to Laura as he backs up the car that we’ll call civil rights.

That’s what’s he doing with this election year pandering otherwise known as a constitutional amendment to make gay marriage illegal in the United States. At its best it’s just pandering for voter turnout. At its worst it’s Bush and company’s attempt to push something through when everyone else’s attention is focused on other issues that are considered more important.

How such a large group of people in our country can be prejudiced against another group is beyond me. How they actually think this threatens the family concept in our country is even more mind boggling. And don’t tell me that this is just about restricting marriage of homosexuals. This is the first step that the conservative right wants to take against them. Just why are people so offended and scared of people that live a different lifestyle from them? I know lots of homosexuals and I have yet to meet one that has tried to convert me to be gay. On the other hand I’ve met lots of christians that have tried to convert me. Hmmm…makes you think, heh?

I’m surprised a “Visit Canada (And Stay There)” ad campaign targeting homosexuals isn’t next. Of course, I’d expect it to be funded by the Christian Coalition, no less.

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