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It’s Amazing How Times Change

Look at the date on this article. This was during the Clinton administration and the scandle that erupted after it was revealed that he had an affair with a 23 year old intern. Now, first, let’s all realize that she was 23 years old. Also, imagine the uproar if Monica had been a boy. Those are two HUGE differences. Mark Foley was found to have had at a minimum sexual conversations with a 15 year old page. It also looks as that it probably went further than that. And that some members of Congress knew of this to a certain extent. Okay, enough commentary, I’ll let you read it for yourself.

Before you crucify someone you should probably make sure you’re not walking in the same path they are.

Flying Highs and Lows

We flew to Chicago today, one day after all the crap started with no liquids and no gels of any sort. So, let’s start with the good.

Security took almost no time to get through. I think we got through security in about 10-15 minutes. They were professional although the guy going over the rules in a loud voice multiple times did get a little annoying. I think it was his tone more than anything.

Okay, the bad.

The sign says “essential non-prescription drugs” are allowed but no one could tell us an example of one. We told them our doctor said flying with a decongestant for our daughter was essential because she has had some sinus problems lately. But apparently that doesn’t qualify. Actually, no one could actually come up with one that did qualify other than insulin, which was specifically listed as permissable. Next, we missed one item. Our daughters little rubber pig from Bed Bath and Beyond which is filled with a pink gel and these little plastic hearts. They saw on the screen and pulled it and said we couldn’t take it with us and if we wanted to mail it back to ourselves we’d have to get out of line and go back and mail it back to ourselves and then go back through security again. For a $3 pig. Yeah right. I’m just glad our daughter didn’t see them throwing it away. You can’t through a 2 year old’s favorite toy away without consequences. Luckily we’ve been distracting her when she asks for it but now we have to go and find a new one tomorrow. Thanks guys.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to marginalize security. Far from it. I just wish it was really good security. If I’m committed to blowing something up, at this point I’m going to get fake prescription bottles and put stuff in there. How hard is it to get a prescription and change what’s in it? You can’t ‘make me take one to show it’s not an explosive since it’s not a regular fluid. What can you do?? Also, some people could get through with liquids if they drank them in front of security. What’s to stop me from putting in a fake bottom that would have about 3 oz. of real liquid and hide the nasty stuff? Seriously folks, if I can think this up on the fly while waiting in line I think the real bad folks can come up with much worse ways to get around this. This just pisses everyone off and creates a false sense of security (that no smart person really buys…but then again, 1/2 of all people are below average I suppose) that can be exploited.

Call me a skeptic, but every time Bush and GOP and Co. need a pick me up they or an ally announces some big sting operation.

Oh well. Hopefully the trip home goes better.

Laura, I’m putting this thing in reverse

Imagine George Bush saying this to Laura as he backs up the car that we’ll call civil rights.

That’s what’s he doing with this election year pandering otherwise known as a constitutional amendment to make gay marriage illegal in the United States. At its best it’s just pandering for voter turnout. At its worst it’s Bush and company’s attempt to push something through when everyone else’s attention is focused on other issues that are considered more important.

How such a large group of people in our country can be prejudiced against another group is beyond me. How they actually think this threatens the family concept in our country is even more mind boggling. And don’t tell me that this is just about restricting marriage of homosexuals. This is the first step that the conservative right wants to take against them. Just why are people so offended and scared of people that live a different lifestyle from them? I know lots of homosexuals and I have yet to meet one that has tried to convert me to be gay. On the other hand I’ve met lots of christians that have tried to convert me. Hmmm…makes you think, heh?

I’m surprised a “Visit Canada (And Stay There)” ad campaign targeting homosexuals isn’t next. Of course, I’d expect it to be funded by the Christian Coalition, no less.