My Next Toy…

…is going to be the TomTom 910. I was thinking of getting the Garmin Nuvi 360 or 2820 but after seeing that the 910 also has bluetooth for hands free calling, a 20GB internal hard drive (12GB free for music and other things), and will soon have US traffic data. It’s also about 200-300 cheaper than the Garmin devices. Supposedly BestBuy has them in stock near my house so I think I’ll swing by and take a look.

Myleene and I are tired of not knowing how to get somewhere new and trying to navigate on the printed maps from Google or Yahoo maps. They always seem to miss some important data. Plus, the nav systems can route me to gas stations, ATMs, and restaraunts among other things. When you have a 2 year old in the car a few minutes saved can mean the world! 🙂 This really really (I mean REALLY) would have come in handy our first night in North Carolina trying to find our way to Spring Lake.

2 thoughts on “My Next Toy…

  1. I had a 910 – is was very bad – locked up, bad directions etc… Nice featured though. Now I have the 2820 and love it. Bluetooth (it actually works, unlike the stupid 910) -holds 250 songs – enough for me. Excellent accuracy and theabsolute best screen brightness and resolution around.

  2. How’d you get a 2820 already? They aren’t even supposed to be out yet?

    I already picked the TomTom up the other day. With a coupon I had and some Best Buy bucks I walked out of thet store with the 910 for $580 including tax. Can’t beat that. I’m going to write a mini-review once I get more time. The unit paired up with my Treo 700w just fine. I can call POIs through my phone over the speaker phone as well which is pretty cool. I doubt I’ll use the music that much but we’ll see. I need to hook in an aux port on my 330i’s built in stereo so I can plug in to it and then I’m sure I’d use the MP3 player. The directions seem good so far. Sometimes the routes it picks are different than the ones I take but so far theirs have been just as fast, just not the same as my normal route.

    Glad you like your 2820, though. You have to find the right device for you.

    And last, not to nitpick but if you’re going to trash a product, get the specs right. The resolution of the 910 is 480×272 where as the 2820’s resolution is 454×240. Not that either is enough of a difference to choose one over the other, though.


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