This is just evil…

It’s been making the rounds but is just evil. Here’s how it works. The company pays you to blog about a product that has paid them to generate buzz. So you write the entry, submit it, and once it’s approved you get paid. Paid reviews basically.

This is even worse than product placement. At least with product placement in movies you know it was paid to be there. How do you know when someone is just shilling for product in blogs? It casts a shadow over the whole blogosphere, really.

Here’s another angle. I have a product and I want to create bad buzz for my competitor. I wonder if they let people pay for bad buzz about a competitor? Hmm…I can see that getting used.

I suppose someone could come up with a service that allows you to check if a product is in their current or past list of clients so you could cast the entry in doubt since you could cross-reference it when they were paying clients.

To be fair, not all the offers say the buzz has to be positive. But it’s still evil none the less.

I suppose I could submit this and get $10 from them for creating buzz about them but my integrity is worth a bit more than that.

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