Wow, A Good Customer Experience!

I had been pretty brutal with AOL so I thought I should point out that I recently had a great experience with On this recent occasion I had ordered a kit that had a bunch of adapter cables for things like USB, Firewire, Network connectors, etc. Anyways, the post office loses it. They attempted delivery once, didn’t leave a slip saying they attempted delivery, and then when I found out via’s website that they did have it I went down there and they couldn’t find it! So I e-mailed on Monday morning and got a response that afternoon. They asked me if I wanted a refund or a replacement. I e-mailed them back and said replacement. They let me know it might be a couple of days to process the claim and so forth. I was kind of expecting to not hear from them again. But this morning I had a sequence of e-mails that ended with them issuing a new shipment order for the product. And it’s only Tuesday morning! Wow. Seriously.

Great job guys. totally won me over with their handling of this issue. Now, if only Amazon’s customer support could be as prompt.

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