Dell Laptops Suck

I’ve had this Dell D620 laptop for about 2 months now. It’s one of the Core Duo based laptops.

After two months my battery will not charge more than 79%. It says it’s full but then when I unplug the thing it immediately shows 80%.

If that’s not enough it will occasionally come out of suspend mode on its own. Normally it happens when I’m on BART and I put the laptop into suspend mode. Then, when I take it out of the bag a couple of hours later it’s running again and hot. And this particular issue is not limited to my 620. It happened on my previous D600 and D610. This never happened on my previous Thinkpads.

BTW, Whoever thought widescreens were a good idea for regular work? That’s the only way to get a Latitude now I think. For coding I would much rather have the older profile. Sure, for watching a movie it’s great but I would rather have a better screen for coding. The wide screen does nothing for me in that regard. I wish my company would go back to Thinkpads.

1 thought on “Dell Laptops Suck

  1. Yes..Dell Laptops do suck. I get a new one every few years where I work…they usually make it no more than 1 year before keys fall off, mouse buttons do not work well, etc., and other problems. I would never spend my own money on a Dell!!

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