An Odd Side Effect of the Google Calendar Sync module

I installed the Google calendar sync tool when it came out recently and I have it working pretty good. The one side effect is that I had to login in to my work e-mail address Google account and then give my normal Google account permission to change/manage that Google calendar and then put the work calendar into my normal account’s Calendar view. It works pretty slick now but it definitely could be documented better. Non-geeks are not going to do well figuring this out.

The strange side effect that I noticed however is that each time it runs it adds like 60 calendar entries into my deleted items folder. They are all set with a start time of 12/31/1979 and a meeting time of 4:00pm to 4:30pm. So after running this for a while I have 17000+ items in my deleted folder. It’s a good thing I noticed this. I’m guessing that each entry corresponds to an entry in my calendar and that it’s used as some sort of temporary calendar object used during the sync but it’s really just a wild guess.

This is probably something that needs to be fixed. 🙂

Update: They have fixed this!

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